airflow hair straightener

airflow Hair Straightener

When perusing products, and considering your next purchase, it’s always nice to know that some models are tried and true best sellers that have passed the test of time and use like the ceramic airflow hair Straightener. The ceramic airflow Hair Straightener is one such product that can stand the test of time. This best seller has been proven in homes and in professional styling studios for years now, and it remains a best-selling, highly rated hair straightening appliance. It will straighten your hair with the best of them, but it’s abilities do not stop there. With a few sessions of practice, you’ll also discover that this iron will do a fantastic job of curling hair, or adding some flips, wave, or even crimps. The airflow hair straightener places at your disposal a tool the professionals use to craft some of the hottest looks on the runways of New York, the sets in Hollywood, or the offices on Main Street where you live.

Versatility is important today when searching for the right hair straightener to use to sculpt your hair. Most gals and guys appreciate the opportunity to achieve different looks using one tool, and air Hair Straightener make it possible. It does a wonderful job taking the kinks and cowlicks out of your tresses, making them absolutely straight, with not a strand out of place. But the wonderful thing about this tool is that, with some practice, you’ll also be able to use the same technology to add waves, flips, and stylish curves when a night on the town or a date calls is on the schedule.

You’ll be able to shape your hair into all the latest styles that work for you, whether you have long hair or short locks. And your hair will actually be healthier for the attention it receives. ceramic air Hair Straighteners create smooth, silky strands of hair because the high temp ceramic plates seal natural moisture, using these oils to create a healthy looking sheen that feels wonderful to the touch, too.

Hair straighteners got their name before the professionals figured out how to use them to stylishly bend, curl, flip, and add bounce to hair, too. The Ceramic air Hair Straightener made by Olayer hair straightener factory have been ahead of the game from the beginning, because their designers gave them a shape that is more round than most straighteners, giving them added versatility to create any and every style you can imagine. They will gently straighten hair, if that is the look you desire. But they are just as adept at sculpting styles that incorporate classy crimps, fabulous flips, wonderful waves, and more. If you can envision it, you can create it with the Ceramic airflow Hair Straightener. Infrared heat for damage-free styling, along with negative ion emissions, help craft the look you want in less time, making this the perfect choice for use when time is short. The combination of fast-heating ceramic and aluminum plates deliver perfect control while sealing in hair’s oils and natural moisturizing agents. The electrical compatibility between 110 volt and 230 volt also makes it great for travelling at home or abroad.

Hair Curler Manufacturer

hair curler Manufacturer

The hair curler is essentially a roller that you put in your hair subsequent to washing it to get voluminous and that’s just the beginning or less wavy hairdo. “The curler is utilized to give shape (waves, twists, and so forth) and volume to the hair. Applied during a brushing, it is great for fixing the development and giving volume at the root to fine hair, “clarifies Jérôme, hair master at Coloré standard Rodolphe. Obviously, we don’t by and large apply a solitary curler yet a few, all around the hair.

How to use a hair curler

Use Heated Curler

Choose your curlers. The smaller ones form tight curls, while the loose ones create soft, wide waves. To use the wider ones, you need to have at least shoulder length hair. Thermal curlers are good for any type of hair, except for very fine hair, which could break. In addition, they greatly reduce the frizz effect.

  • If you have long, thick hair, you will need a set of at least 10-12 curlers. If they are shorter and thinner, 5 or 6 will suffice. Velcro ones give softness and shine and are ideal if your hair is prone to frizz. 
  • If you have very wavy hair, blow dry your hair straight into your hair before starting: it will help you achieve more defined curls. 

Heat the curlers. It is important to heat them to the right temperature before rolling them. Follow the instructions on the package. If they are variable temperature, experiment to find the right one.

  • For tight, defined curls, use small, high-heat curlers. For large, soft curls, use loose curlers at a low temperature. [3]

Apply a heat protective product that helps protect your hair from heat damage and sets the look for a long time. You can find it in cream or spray, in perfumery or beauty salons. Distribute it evenly on dry hair.

Divide your hair into two sections. Make one about 5 cm wide, going from the forehead to the neck, and secure it with a clothespin. With a tail comb, divide the hair on the sides of the head, into equal strands; then secure them with clothespins.

Start rolling from the forehead. Comb a section as wide as the curler and no more than 5cm thick, holding it up and away from your head. Place the curler from the ends and then start twisting your hair around it, away from your face. Use bobby pins to secure it to your head.

  • Continue working on the back section, from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Take the strands and roll them up, after which secure them with bobby pins.

Roll up the side sections as well. To gather higher hair, roll the upper sections diagonally. Comb the sections, holding them up and away from the head; place the curlers diagonally, starting from the tips. Bring them close to your head and secure them with bobby pins. [5] Repeat until all hair has been rolled up.

Leave the curlers on your head until they have cooled. Gently remove them to get well defined curls. It may take a while to cool down if you have very thick or wavy hair, but be patient – it will be worth it!

Remove the curlers. Start from the bottom and move gradually towards the head. Hold the curler steady with one hand and remove the bobby pins with the other.

Style it however you like. Brushing the hair will eliminate the curly effect, creating soft waves. To keep the curls tight and defined, lightly run your fingers through them. Spray some hairspray to fix them. hair curler made from Olayer Hair curler manufacturer is one of the best hair curlers on the world.

  • If you want some volume, go upside down. Shake it for a few minutes and gently run your fingers through the curls. It will make your hair soft and fluffy to the touch.

Use Soft Curlers

Choose your curlers. Soft ones are good for different hair types, especially brittle ones, since they don’t cause any damage. Choose the size based on the type of hedgehog you want to get; the smaller the curler, the tighter the curls will be. The wide curlers, on the other hand, form soft waves; to use them, you should have at least shoulder length hair. 

  • Wide curlers are not good for those with very fine hair, as they are too heavy and risk falling out. Try several tests to figure out which ones are right for you

Distribute the mousse on your hair. It is essential if you have fine or very straight hair, otherwise the curls would only last you a few hours. Use the amount indicated on the package and distribute it evenly on damp hair

Divide your hair into four sections. Using a tail comb, divide them so that you have a section along the nape of the neck, one on each ear and one at the back of the head. Collect them with clothespins.

  • You can use any type of clothespins. You can easily find professional ones in perfumery or on the internet at low prices: they hold well and are easy to use.

Roll up the strands. The width of the sections is based on the circumference of the curler you use; it must not be too wide and not more than 5 cm thick. [7]

  • Comb each strand before starting. Use the tail of the comb to remove the knots and push the strands away from the head.

Start by rolling up the section behind your neck. Keep your hair taut, holding the tips steady with one hand while rolling with the other. After two full turns, tuck the tips in and finish rolling.

  • If you want to give volume to the ring, start rolling about 2 cm from the tips, up to the scalp; then stop everything with a hairpin.
  • If you want to leave the hair straight around the head, start 5 cm from the scalp and go to the ends, then rest the curler on the head and secure it with a hairpin.

Now roll up the side sections. Divide each section in half horizontally, using the tail of the comb, for the hair above the ears. Roll the two parts of each section, away from the face, from the hairline to the neck, then secure with bobby pins. some times flat iron can be hair curler as well, if you are looking for private label flat iron manufacturer in China, Olayer flat iron company will be on of your best option, you can contact with them to discussing your project.

  • Try using wide curlers at the bottom and smaller ones at the top to get a different look than usual.

Divide the back section into 3-4 strands, based on how thick your hair is. Roll each strand towards the back of the neck, then secure them with bobby pins

Blow-dry to shape the curls. They must be dry and warm enough; leave them on for 15 minutes and then gently remove them.

  • Do not brush your hair after removing the curlers: you will undo the curls! If necessary, use your fingers to separate them.
  • If you want more volume, go upside down. Shake it for a few minutes and gently run your fingers through the curls. It will make your hair soft and fluffy to the touch.

Spray the hairspray. Especially if you have fine or straight hair, use it to set curls and make them last longer.

  • You can define curls individually, using hair wax. Put some on your fingers then run them through the curls you want to define.

Use Curlers on Wet Hair

Choose your curlers. There are several; Velcro ones are easier to use, but risk getting caught in curly or thick hair. Soft ones are also easy to put on, but being spongy it can take a long time for your hair to dry. Those with magnetic clips hold very well and make curls more defined, but are the most difficult to apply. Try them all, until you find the ones that work best for you.

Wash your hair. As your hair will need to dry under pressure, use a highly moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Wipe off excess water while still in the shower and don’t towel-dry, then comb your hair.

Divide your hair into sections. Create two side sections; you should end up with three strands of hair: one on each side and one in the center. Leave the back part loose for now.

Start rolling your hair. Comb a section the same width as the curlers and pull it forward, away from your head. Apply some gel or cream and put on the curler, rolling it up to the scalp. Secure it with a bobby pin.

Continue like this. If you want tight and well defined curls, use very small curlers and put them close together. If you want them wider, use larger curlers.

Dry the curls. If you want to avoid using heat, let them dry on their own before removing the curlers. It may take several hours or all night. You can also blow dry your hair while you still have curlers. If you use it, let the curlers cool for about 15 minutes before removing them.


  • Take the strands that come out and wrap them in curlers as you put them on.
  • You can also use method 1 with velcro or mesh curlers. However, try to avoid velcro ones if you have frizzy or curly hair – they could get tangled up, making you uncomfortable.
  • Experiment with size and temperature (if you use thermal curlers), until you get the look you want. They damage your hair a lot less than curling irons, so feel free to experiment with all the looks you want!

What is the best hair curler and hair straightener

To transform your look today you can use a lot of different tools.

One of the most popular beauty accessories is undoubtedly the hair straightener: with this you can easily straighten your hair; Over time, other products have been developed that can guarantee different styles.

The plate curling is one of them and is the heir of everlasting curlers and brushes and serves to curl or to make wavy hair quickly and safely.

The most recent models, then, are made with high quality materials and have functions that do not damage the hair in any way .

In fact, the old aluminum models – once put into operation – heated up and reached such a high temperature as to be difficult to use; not to mention that they damaged the cuticles of the hair, favoring the formation of split ends and causing the loss of shine on the hair.

Over the years these models have been replaced with more updated and effective versions capable of:

  • Work effectively on all types of hair
  • Protect hair from too high temperatures
  • Moisturize the hair making it soft and silky

By choosing the right curling iron and hair straightener manufacturer you can shape your style to your liking without any unnecessary risk.

I wrote this article to introduce you to this product by showing you its strengths, how to best use it and what aspects you need to consider when choosing the most suitable model for you.

Types of Curling Plates

By curling iron we mean a tool that is used to create curls, waves or a natural wavy effect on the hair. It is very effective on thin hair and serves to make the hair more voluminous.

The large category of hair curlers is divided into 3 groups:

Curling Brush

Curling iron

Automatic curling iron

In reality, the products belonging to these sections have the same functions; the only difference lies in the different dimensions and characteristics.

Curling Brush

The curling brush in the most recent products has been incorporated by the plate, which encloses the first by means of a cylinder, becoming one.

It is used to make the hair curly or wavy.

Curling iron

The curling iron is a tube coated with a material that heats up quickly.

It can have different shapes (conical, cylindrical, etc.) so that it can easily adapt to all types of hair and perform all kinds of styling.

The products in this category differ from each other for:

  • Diameter
  • Dimensions of the heating material

To choose the most suitable model for you, all you have to do is decide the type of curl (defined or natural) you want to get for your hair and consequently choose a more or less powerful product.

In the table below you will find the various sizes of the curling irons with their effects:

 Small Curling Iron

 Medium Curling Iron

 Large Curling Iron

   It generates tighter curls and is ideal for defining already curly hair

Create medium curls, the preferred solution for hair of any length

They are used to give natural effect curls, big curls and beach waves

Example: if your hair is curly and you want a more defined hairstyle you can use a cone curler . With this tool you can:

  • Create tight curls starting from the highest part of the head
  • Model part of the hair
  • Refine your look with the finishing touches

Curl especially the locks near the face and do not leave anything out especially on the back of the hair.

To get tight and defined curls you can use – in combination – a conical curling iron and another one with a wider diameter.

Automatic curling iron

The automatic curling iron is a plate equipped with a rotating cylinder capable of shaping each strand by means of an automatic movement. When it comes into operation, the hair is transported inside by the plates making the hair more or less curly according to the selected temperature.

Composed of high-quality materials, the latest generation models are equipped with the ionic function to deeply hydrate the hair strands.

The professional variants of automatic curling irons can include the presence of interchangeable plates that can be exploited to work better on any type of hair, so as to be able to create the following effects:

  • Frisè
  • Natural blur
  • Curly defined

How do you use the curling iron?

Plugin the curling iron and wait a few seconds while it reaches the temperature you have selected. Once heated it begins to wrap the strands of hair around the heated element for a few seconds so that it begins to take the desired shape.

 Repeat for other strands of hair until you are happy with the result.

The best models in the category may have the following additional features:

Adjustable diameter from the base to the tip that allows you to obtain curls of different types

Ergonomic handle

Cool tip for safe use

Automatic switch-off that comes into operation if the iron is not used for some time

360 ° swivel cord to make any movement without the risk of the wire tangling

How to Choose the Best Curling Iron

There are a few things to consider when choosing a great curling iron.

Before focusing on the actual product features, you need to think about your hair.

This means that depending on the type and length of your hair, one product can be more effective than another.

That said, here are the most important elements in a curling iron:

Construction materials

Size and shape of the curling iron

Working temperature

Ease of use and price

Construction materials

To ensure that your hair is protected, shiny, and soft, the construction material of the curling iron must be of the highest quality.

This also applies to hair straighteners.

Below you will find the best materials:




   The ceramic products glide over the hair with ease and heat up evenly. They easily counteract humidity, reducing frizz and give an incredible shine to the hair

They transfer heat faster than ceramic but are more difficult to use. Since they heat up in less time, there is a greater risk of damaging your hair and therefore you should not use titanium curling irons at too high temperatures. They are very effective on difficult to treat hair

They cost more and are used by professionals. Tourmaline emits negative ions that reduce frizz, make hair softer and easier to style by counteracting the action of positive ions that tend to make the hair brittle

 For example, if you have curly and frizzy hair, a tourmaline curling iron is the best solution for you as it gives its best even at low temperatures.

Ceramic products, on the other hand, do not dehydrate the hair during styling and protect the hair; finally, the titanium curling irons are resistant, they slide easily on the hair but are not good for fragile and thin hair.

Size and shape of the curling iron

Curling irons are different in size, shape, and diameter. Here is a summary scheme:

  Wide Plates

Narrow Plates

Curling Irons with Narrow Diameter and Thin End

Large Diameter and Wide End Curling Irons

   Ideal for coarse, thick or long hair. They have a greater grip and are able to style large locks with ease, but they are not very easy to handle

Perfect for obtaining a frisé effect and for narrow waves. They are very effective on brittle and fragile hair, treated hair, or small clusters of hair

Especially indicated for short and fragile hair and are used to obtain small curls or a defined wavy effect

Perfect for voluminous and long hair, undefined folds, and generating a natural wavy effect or undulation that is not too sharp

 Working temperature

Before buying any curling iron, make sure that – among its features – it includes the possibility of controlling the temperature.

Too high a level of heat can dry out the hair and accentuate the effects of static electricity. If you have frizzy hair, work at a minimum temperature by raising the heat only during the hair modeling phase. hair straightener made from Olayer hair straightener company is one of the best hair straightener on the market, it is cold air hair straightener,

To avoid any damage to your hair, I suggest you also have a good heat protector for your hair .

The best curling irons are able to work at high temperatures without damaging the hair, not to mention that they also boast a key lock function to prevent accidental changes of settings that could ruin the styling .

Ease of use and price

The curling iron must be an easy tool to use.

Even the best product ever can have little success if it is too complicated to use. For this I recommend that you buy a model that does its duty without having to think about too many settings.

The price of the curling iron also varies according to the functions of the product and the materials that compose it.

The important thing is that when choosing your favorite accessory you first consider the quality of the curling iron .

How to find hair curler manufacturer:

For a user who often makes purchases online, it is not difficult to select and order any goods in Chinese online stores. They already have established preferences. Beginners have a harder time. Both are united by the desire to deal with reliable and proven organizers. They choose a company that provides all the services needed to start or develop a business with China.

They have partnered with a large number of reliable and responsible hair curler manufacturer in China. The Guangzhou office has knowledgeable staff. They:

  • monitor the market and track new items;
  • be sure to check the compliance of the characteristics with the client’s request;
  • on the basis of the analysis of proposals, only the best and optimal in terms of price-quality ratio are selected.

At the request of the client, they can agree on the branding of factory products. This is important for companies that purchase hair curlers for promotions, gifts to partners, clients, colleagues.

  • They will negotiate with the supplier for free, subject to further registration of the delivery of finished products in the Express-China company.
  • It should be borne in mind that logos and other brand information are applied by the manufacturer from a certain volume of the order. The size is specified individually.

The ordering process is simple. Buying hair curlers in China is really a bargain. By purchasing a product in bulk, you invest the minimum amount. At the same time, hair curlers will not be difficult to sell in Russia with a good profit. The product is in high demand.

How to find a good wholesale hair curler company in china

We have already written about where and how you can find a manufacturer in China on your own. One of the easiest, most convenient and affordable ways is to search for a product or supplier on specialized B2B online platforms. We offer a selection of Chinese sites for wholesale purchases in the Middle Kingdom.

In fact, I want to tell you that many top merchants, C stores or Tmall stores, are not factories at all, and even in the early days they are exactly the same as you, looking for manufacturers on the Internet.

When it comes to the source of the manufacturer, everyone may think of 1688, that’s right! There are many real manufacturers on 1688, but do you know that there are more wholesalers and even leather bag companies! So we need to have more platforms to choose from to filter.

Every day, many customers complain about suppliers not meeting their expectations (price, minimum quantity per order). Some sellers tell me that the quality can vary greatly from order to order.

To prevent this from happening again, be sure of a few things before you start your research. First, analyze your own business model. You must evaluate the products, the niches as well as the quantities needed for your first order.

The more the supplier meets the expectations of your business, the better it will be.

There are mainly, in my opinion, 5 categories of importers. I have some precious advice for each one.

Specializing in the importation of certain products

Importers wanting to develop a product from their own ideas

Importers willing or planning to set up a local supermarket chain

These three e-commerce platforms have one thing in common: to offer a maximum of various products.

As a result, big sellers have no trouble buying what they want and keeping a large inventory.

Despite everything, the quantity that small and medium sellers order is not very high because they have to assess the market for the products they offer at the start.

Each of the products will only need a small quantity to prove itself in the market and thus analyze its performance.

After these analyzes, the products responding positively to their launch will be ordered in much larger quantities.

This is why you should not start by buying in bulk. Contact wholesalers and buy in large quantities to test the market.

Also, we do not recommend someone because suppliers often have a high minimum order quantity (MOQ) .

Usually, you will need to spend at least $ 1000 for the supplier to agree to work with you.

Also, if you need a service who doesn’t offer that kind of service anymore since the site reached such a scale.

Tri-Tech to Distribute Objet Desktop 3D Printers in UK

Israel-headquartered Objet Geometries, an innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has signed a distribution agreement with Tri-Tech Engineering Ltd. of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK, which will sell, distribute and service Objet desktop 3D printers throughout the UK.

Since Tri-Tech has been providing installation, training and service support in the UK for Objet’s complete range of desktop, professional and high-end 3D printing systems for several years, the company is already an expert in the economical Objet Alaris30 desktop printer. Tri-Tech’s product support services within the 3D printing and rapid prototyping industry cover a wide range of rapid prototyping equipment and related 3D products and include spare parts, repairs, upgrades, consumables, annual service and maintenance contracts, and materials management.

Already an approved distributor of the successful Objet Alaris30 system, Tri-Tech can now offer customers sales, service and product support from one source, ensuring that all needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Tri-Tech and Objet have a strong working relationship. Indeed, Tri-Tech has been involved with Objet’s first desktop 3D printer, the Alaris30, since its launch in October 2008.

“We have witnessed firsthand the growing demand for 3D printers in the UK, especially for smaller and lower-end systems, so we decided to expand our operations to include a sales division,” explains Paul Webber, director of Tri-Tech Engineering. “We firmly believe that the Objet Alaris30 has set the benchmark for part quality and accuracy, and we intend to bring these benefits to our customers.”

Andy Middleton, general manager for Objet Europe, believes that Tri-Tech’s familiarity with the Objet line of 3D printing systems and Objet’s customers makes it a natural extension for the company to also distribute and sell the 3D printing systems. “We have full confidence in Tri-Tech’s ability to service the growing UK market for desktop 3D printing solutions. We look forward to continuing this expanded, mutually beneficial relationship with Tri-Tech for many years to come.”

Mazak, Gibbs to Collaborate

A new strategic collaborative partnership agreement between Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® CAM software for programming CNC machine tools, and the machine tool manufacturer Mazak-USA (Florence, Kentucky) is intended to optimize support for Mazak’s multitask CNC machine tools, including the Integrex, Integrex E-series, Multiplex, Quick Turn Nexus, and Super Quick Turn models. The companies have entered into a nondisclosure agreement that will allow them to exchange information about and collaborate on next-generation solutions.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Mazak to support their line of multitask machine tools,” stated Robb Weinstein, Gibbs and Associates’ senior vice president of sales and strategic planning. “Multitask machine tools represent one of the fastest growing segments of machine tools, and Mazak is the leading provider worldwide.”

Mazak customers make up a significant percentage of GibbsCAM MTM™ users. “Working with Mazak, GibbsCAM will provide a powerful NC programming solution able to support the wide variety of capabilities and configurations Mazak offers. With GibbsCAM, Mazak users will have the capability, flexibility, and ease of use needed to optimize the productivity of their Mazak machine tools,” concluded Weinstein.

The growing popularity of Mazak’s multitask machine tools has been attributed to the many benefits they can offer, including reduced part cost, increased throughput, even shipment flow and cash flow, better part accuracy, reduced fixturing and tooling, simpler setup, and the accommodation of unattended operation.

“Multi-task machining is a key element of our product strategy,” said Chuck Birkle, marketing vice president of Mazak Corp. “By joining with Gibbs, we can ensure that our customers are able to take full advantage of the range of capabilities of their Mazak machine tools.”

Mould Makers Will Have Pavilion at NPE 2006

Custom moulders, product designers, and OEMs from around the world seeking design and tooling solutions at NPE 2006, the International Plastics Showcase, can expect to see a wide range of alternatives within a single, new multiexhibitor pavilion of US and Canadian mould makers, according to an announcement by The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI), sponsor of the triennial NPE show. NPE 2006 will take place June 19–23 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The North American Moldmakers Pavilion, an NPE innovation, is jointly sponsored by the SPI Moldmakers Division, American Mold Builders Association, and Canadian Association of Moldmakers.

“The pavilion will expand the range of mould making options available to visitors beyond the already extensive array of tooling-related companies that normally exhibit at NPE,” said Walt Bishop, executive director of the SPI Moldmakers Division. While regular NPE exhibitors in the sector will be participating in the pavilion, it provides an attractive opportunity for newcomers as well, particular smaller companies, added Bishop.

Among the incentives available to prospective pavilion exhibitors are a 25% lower space fee than is normally charged to companies not members of SPI; a high-traffic location in the East Hall; and prominent signs and displays for the pavilion placed in key areas of McCormick Place. A conference on timely business and strategy topics, such as mould market analysis and forecasting, rapid product development, shop management, global issues, and education and training, also will draw interest.

One purpose of the pavilion is to showcase the capabilities of North American mould makers to visitors from overseas. Remarked Cyndi Butcher, president of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers, “A number of our members, particularly the smaller mould shops, do not normally have the opportunity to meet face to face with prospective customers from abroad. The North American Moldmakers Pavilion is a way for these companies to take part in a world-scale trade show.”

NPE 2006 will be the largest international plastics show of the year. At least 2,000 companies are expected to exhibit in more than 93,000 m² of space, one-third of them coming from outside the USA. More than 75,000 industry professionals will attend the exposition.

Composites Experts to Meet at Delcam

Companies wishing to benefit from the current boom in composites manufacturing can learn more about industry opportunities at a free half-day seminar being hosted by Delcam plc at its Birmingham headquarters on Tuesday, October 11. Supported by the National Composites Network, the seminar will bring those new to composite materials and those hoping to win more business in the field in touch with experts from both the commercial and technical sides of the industry.

The presentations will begin with a market overview by Mike Turner of materials supplier Hexcel. Next, Mary Goertz of Boeing will discuss specific opportunities within her company, which will be using a high proportion of composite materials in its new Dreamliner aircraft.

Other presentations will cover marine applications, low-cost manufacturing techniques, and advances in liquid moulding techniques. In addition, Lee Scott from Unimerco will describe his company’s latest cutting tools for composites machining, and Delcam will show how its range of Power Solution software can help designers and manufacturers of composite components to increase productivity, maximize quality, and shorten delivery times.

Following the presentations, delegates will enjoy a buffet lunch and then have opportunities to hold informal discussions with the speakers and tour Delcam’s toolroom.

The composites industry is growing. These materials are used increasingly to replace metals and wood, and new applications are found, especially in the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries, as their properties are developed.

The host company believes that the toolmakers that support component manufacturers and have suffered from the recent decline in UK toolmaking can find new opportunities in the composites area. Skills employed in producing complex injection moulds could be transferred relatively easily to the manufacture of tooling for the compression moulding and reaction injection moulding of composites. Similarly, firms that have been making models and patterns for the metals industry could turn to producing similar items for composites manufacture.

Medical Technology Process Chain To Be a Focus at EuroMold 2005

At the EuroMold 2005 world fair for tool and mould making, design and application development taking place in Frankfurt November 30–December 3, a highlighted topic will be the growing medical technology market. The German medical technology industry is—after the United States—a leading force in the world market, according to a survey ordered by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and published in April.

This market is characterized by high-quality development and rapid innovation potential: every second product is less than two years old. Market volume is about €18 billion. Experts assume continuing worldwide growth at least until 2010.

EuroMold is the first trade fair ever to present the multidisciplinary field of research and application in medical technology in terms of the complete process chain from design via prototyping to series production. Exhibitors from various areas, including product development, microinjection moulding, medical optics, medical design, cleanroom technology, rapid prototyping, tool and mould making, CE and FDA certification, and other sectors, will be presented in Hall 5.0 of the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, organized to reflect the process chain. Thirty-two exhibitors had booked by press time.

To accentuate the special topic optically, fair organizer DEMAT GmbH has developed a very attractive booth concept based on a large table that will be exhibition space and meeting point at once. Each booth module will be available from two sides such that visitors can approach selected exhibitors or explore the complete competence network. The idea is to offer an ideal business-to-business atmosphere for both EuroMold visitors and exhibitors.

Haas Automation Europe Moves into New $5-Million Headquarters

Haas Automation Europe, the European arm of US machine tool builder Haas Automation Inc., has relocated to its new 3,500-m² headquarters and showroom in Zavantem, Belgium, just 10 minutes from the Brussels airport.

The move, which was substantially completed during the first two weeks of May, comes only three years after the company first opened its European operations at Brussels’ Paespsem Business Park. Since then, Haas’s business in Europe has increased dramatically, and the company has outgrown its original location.

In addition to providing expanded office space, the €4-million ($5-million) new building incorporates a 750-m² showroom, allowing some 25 Haas machines from the company’s extensive and growing range of CNC machine tools to be exhibited and demonstrated simultaneously.

As Haas Europe Managing Director Peter Hall puts it, the relocation marks an important milestone for the company.

“Since establishing Haas Europe we’ve exceeded our annual sales targets in all of the key European markets,” Hall says. “In the past year alone, we’ve experienced a sales increase of more than 80%. This is in line with the growth Haas has enjoyed in other markets around the world, and reflects the universal appeal of low-cost, high-quality CNC machines.”

The new headquarters also includes a massive, comprehensive spare parts warehouse run by factory certified support personnel, which will provide same-day dispatch for more than 90% of requisitions, and dispatch 100% of requisitions within 24 hours. The new facility also includes a modern, fully equipped training area and classroom where Haas personnel will instruct Haas service engineers and customers from all over the Continent.

“As both our European customer base and our distributor network increase, we intend to offer the best service and support in the industry,” Hall says. “Our investment in the new office and showroom will help ensure we do just that.”

Haas Automation Europe handles the European operations of Haas Automation Inc., the largest machine tool manufacturer in the United States, which is headquartered in California.

Union Tool Europe Appoints New Distributor for Netherlands

One of the world’s major manufacturers of end mills for the mold and die industry, Union Tool Europe SA of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has appointed SVM Freestechniek of Valkenswaard, Netherlands, as its new distributor for the Dutch market.

SVM is owned by Hans Smits, who has many years of experience in CNC high-speed machining.

“SVM has a complementary portfolio of products,” says Smits. “The addition of the Union Tool end mill range fits perfectly into this. This complete solution strategy and experience we offer will be invaluable in launching this new partnership, offering the support and service demanded by new and existing customers and helping them with hardmilling.”

SVM has already started building up its stock so that it can offer fast deliveries from its facilities, with back-up supplies from Union Tool’s main European supply base in Switzerland. This will ensure continuity and reliability for all users.

The agreement was made official at the EuroMold show in Frankfurt this past December.

Annual Report Puts RP Industry Under the Microscope

A worldwide progress report on the rapid prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing industry reveals areas of growth and opportunity, as well as market segments that are experiencing disappointing results. The Wohlers Report 2003 by Wohlers Associates Inc. reflects an industry poised for growth in both technologies and applications, thanks to its emphasis on research and devlopment. The report covers all facets of the industry, including business, product, market, technology, and applications.

“3D printing was a bright spot in 2002,” says Terry Wohlers, the primary author of the report and president of Wohlers Associates. “However, there was a sharp contrast between the sales of 3D printers and conventional rapid prototyping systems.

“A staggering number of R&D; projects are underway around the world, and much of this work is turning into patents and products,” Wohlers adds.

Organizations are now extending the application of RP technology to the production of finished goods. Some believe this practice, termed rapid manufacturing, will rapidly grow and ultimately overshadow the rapid prototyping and rapid tooling markets. The report includes a new section on the opportunities, applications, and benefits of rapid manufacturing, as well as the associated obstacles and considerations.