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CMM Manufacturers

Association of CMM Manufacturers Celebrates Its First Anniversary Founded in late 2001 to promote coordinate measuring machine business and technology, the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturers — better known as CMM  Manufacturers — will soon be celebrating its first anniversary. This international, non-profit organization undertakes such initiatives as the development of human skills …

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What is Insert Molding

What is Insert Molding While the injection molding as well as insert molding processes are more or less the same, the only difference is that the injection molding makes use of only thermoplastic materials. On the other hand, this process can make use of plastics as well as other metals in order to manufacture and produce even …

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Plastic injection molding china

Plastic injection molding china Plastic injection molding china is a technique through which plastic products are manufactured using the pressure of the molten plastic injected into the mold of plastic products. After cooling these moldings desired variety of plastic parts are obtained. There is specialized machinery for injection molding and the mold is acquired after the …

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