We are FFP2 children face cover building supplier in China, we manufacture en149 kids FFP2 face masks for child (boys and girls) between 3-14 years. our kids ffp2 face covers are fish style (shape), it is very easy to wear, our kids ffp2 mask respirators that have two alternative colour, blue for boys and green for girls, we can create custom color of FFP2 kids mask according to your demand, our ffp2 children face mask created according to EN149 standard and have CE certificate, we have kids ffp2 face mask Europe storehouse which is in German, contact us if you are looking for more detail.

These FFP2 NR children face mask respirators models made by Olayer youngsters ffp2 face mask respirator supplier are filtering half covers that are suggested when protection of the respiratory system is required.

They are FFP2 grade base on EN149:2001+ A1:2009 standard and meet the assistance from the WHO. They are advised for use by the World Health Organization during outbreaks of Coronavirus and SARS.

FFP2 child face mask have a minimum of ninety-four percent (PFE ≥ 94%) filtering percentage and top eight percent (≥ 8%) leakage to the inside. They are largely used in agriculture, construction, and by healthcare experts against influenza viruses. They are presently used for defense versus the COVID-19.

These purification en149 kids ffp2 face masks are sourced in China.

The Child FFP2 masks via Olayer youngsters ffp2 face mask provider are a half-mask respirator that protects the mouth and nose when fitted appropriately. They have two adjustable ear loops to keep the mask in location and are white in color. They also have a little metal section that sits across the bridge of the nose when being used.

Features for the children FFP2 NR face mask respirator

FFP2 face mask for youngsters with insulation feature.

Breathable and anti-fogging.

Filtration efficiency ninety-four percent( PFE ≥ 94%).

3D filter, promising sufficient area for breathing and adapting rightly to the contour of the face to provide full protection.

Advise period of use: eight hours.

Made in China (Europe CE certificate plus EN149:2001+ A1:2009 testing report).

Four layers of fabric material: First layer is 50gsm non-woven fabric, second layer is 25gsm water electronic melt-blown cloth, 3rd layer of 25gsm water electronic melt-blown cloth and inner layer is soft 25gsm non-woven fabric material. see below is our kids ffp2 mask design feature.

Easy breathing: The children ffp2 dusk face cover is equipped with non-woven fabric layer, a twin layers anti-static cotton cloth and a soft non-woven fabric layer. Can filter out ninety-four percent of particles in the air, our child ffp2 face respirator have the lowest breathing resistance, as low as ffp1 specification, that means our children ffp2 mask respirator will be easy to breath like free breathing.

Properties: Kids ffp2 face masks are breathable, relax, and skin-friendly, permitting you to use them with self-esteem. The 4 layer filtration rate reaches ninety-four percent (PFE ≥ 94%), effectively filtering, pm 2.5, dust, car exhaust, air pollution, universal fits, elastic ear loops and around the mouth nose, all of our children ffp2 NR mask respirators that have the 99% filtering effect (PFE ≥ 99%), that means you pay for FFP2 face mask price but have ffp3 mask respirator, you can check this from our EN149 testing report.

Simple store: Dustproof children ffp2 mask respirator is foldable 3D fish shape, simple to store, and can be used outdoors and indoors. Designed for children, perfect for children aged 3-14.

Use with caution:

Clean your hands. Before touching a new kids ffp2 mask, clean your hands entirely with soap and water. Take a new youngsters ffp2 face mask, and locate it in front of your face.

The right orientation of the upper part of the item. It is vital for the face mask to mold itself rightly to the reliefs of the face. Cover the nose and mouth with the mask, being sure there are no spaces in between the kids ffp2 mask and the face.

Please check for a good fit prior to use.

Long facial hair that does not entirely fit under the mask will prevent the mask from forming a proper seal with your face.

Please do not utilize the kids ffp2 mask in case of inadequate air quality, such as severe air pollution or anoxic (low oxygen) problems.

Do not use the face mask under explosive conditions.

After use, please deal with the kids ffp2 mask adhering to local guidelines.

The kids ffp2 face mask is only for single use; do not use repetitively.

How to put a FFP2 youngsters face mask on?

Hold the kids ffp2 mask respirator with the nose bridge pointed upwards and pull out the straps with your hands.

Place the kids ffp2 face cover on your face to ensure that it covers nose, mouth and chin.

Place each belt around each ear.

A face mask strap card clip is provided for greater comfort– just hook the straps to the card clip to stop irritation to your ears! Also fits small head sizes of youngsters.

Change the nose bridge so that the children ffp2 face cover fits tightly on your face. The filtering half mask is intended used for defense versus solid and oily particulates, liquid for example, coal dust, cement dust, single-use.

If you are looking for child ffp2 face masks or any other EN149 FFP2 mask from China or Germany FFP2 mask companies & suppliers, contact us or contact our Germany office by kruse@olayer.eu (Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse, Tel.: +49 (0) 2334 92722 90), to know more detail.

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