What is Insert Molding

What is Insert Molding

While the injection molding as well as insert molding processes are more or less the same, the only difference is that the injection molding makes use of only thermoplastic materials. On the other hand, this process can make use of plastics as well as other metals in order to manufacture and produce even better or advanced products. This process has become so very popular these days that it gives various advantages to people. The application of this kind of molding is far, wide and advantageous to a lot of extent.

This can be called a highly advanced and better process in which the components or parts such as bushings, metal stampings, filtration materials, electromechanical parts as well as various distinct parts are joined or rather combined into one component only with the help of thermoplastic injection into ‘inserts’ or the placed parts. Basically, talking in the layman’s words, insert molding combines multiple materials to finished parts. This process is said to be far more cost-effective and better than injection molding and also, it has the capability to produce and manufacture better and advanced products.There are several industries that demand mixed-material parts today. This process has become quite common to produce such parts. Though the design rules are more or less same like injection-molded parts, but there can be just a slight difference to this process. Only by understanding about this process carefully, can you produce and manufacture or maybe work in the process. It can therefore be a very useful process of producing mixed-material products.

Film Insert Molding for decorated components

In the modern times, there is a wide demand of plastic Mold products that should be decorated, especially in the automotive industry. When we talk specifically about the film insert molding process, we mean that the finished-decorated products or components are being manufactured by inserting the decorated, trimmed or reshaped products or components into the mold during injection molding. This means that the components having complex structures or bends can be decorated easily using this process.Plastic mold, Insert Molding

You can introduce any element on these components and it might include symbols, multi-color 2D decorations and even transmitted light designing. All this can be done at the very same time using simple decoration which changes from shot-to-shot. This technology is widely used in the automotive industry for decorating several components such as thermostat or speedometer in your car. There can literally be wide application of this technology. The strengths of film insert molding process are:

    • Complex shaped components can be decorated easily
    • In case you need to change the decoration, it can be done easily because of flexibility of the process
  • Light designs are also possible to be conducted

With these strengths of the process, it has actually evolved to a lot of extent and has become quite popular in not just one industry, but several others. This process is convenient, easy and very flexible, which makes it absolutely adaptable for many industries. Apart from automotive industries, this process can also be used in medical industry for decorating instruments and components.

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