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CMM Manufacturers

Association of CMM Manufacturers Celebrates Its First Anniversary Founded in late 2001 to promote coordinate measuring machine business and technology, the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturers — better known as CMM  Manufacturers — will soon be celebrating its first anniversary. This international, non-profit organization undertakes such initiatives as the development of human skills […]

Technology Showroom

Fadal Technology Center Showroom Schedules Open House for Nov. 19 On November 19, Fadal Machining Centers is holding an open house at its new Technology Center in Hayward, California. The Fadal Technology Center features a showroom with six demo machines and stock machine inventory, as well as a service center that provides multilingual training classes, fully stocked […]

Injection Molding Sevices

A technical center in Mexico City is the latest in a growing number of such facilities for HYX Injection Molding Sevices Ltd. This newest facility opened in September and is situated near a number of key customers. The Mexico Tech Center has 18,000 ft² of production floor space and an overhead crane with a 10-ton capacity. According […]

High Speed Injection Molding

How do you achieve high-speed production of complex parts? Answer: The key component is an understanding of the volumes required. If the volumes are a million pieces per year, sometimes a four-cavity mold is needed or a high-quality tool. For high-speed or high-volume production, using high-quality tools is important. The tools should hold up with […]

CNC machine

FADAL is known to be one of the leading CNC machine brand. Fadal produces one of the finest quality CNC machines. Fadal offers a wide range of CNC machines varying in designs and makes. Most machines are designed as vertical machine center. VMC machines are designed for high performance and accuracy. The VMC machines are […]

Injection molding machine barrel cleaning

Injection molding machine barrel cleaning  Purpose of injection molding machine barrel cleaning The exits of buildup in injection machine barrel when we start to operator injection machine will influence the plastic product quality. So in order to guarantee the plastic product quality, injection machine barrel cleaning is very important. Method of injection machine barrel cleaning 1)      If injection machine want […]

Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process The injection molding process parameters of two kinds of commonly used plastic reference, A, high density polyethylene (HDPE) Barrel temperature feeding zone 30 ~ 50 C (50 DEG C) From 1160 to 250 C (200 DEG C), from 2200 to 300 C (210 DEG C), from 3220 to 300 C (230 DEG C) From 4220 to 300 C (240 DEG C), from 5220 to 300 C (240 DEG C), the nozzle 220 ~ 300 […]

What is Insert Molding

What is Insert Molding While the injection molding as well as insert molding processes are more or less the same, the only difference is that the injection molding makes use of only thermoplastic materials. On the other hand, this process can make use of plastics as well as other metals in order to manufacture and produce even […]

Plastic injection molding china

Plastic injection molding china Plastic injection molding china is a technique through which plastic products are manufactured using the pressure of the molten plastic injected into the mold of plastic products. After cooling these moldings desired variety of plastic parts are obtained. There is specialized machinery for injection molding and the mold is acquired after the […]